Feel the Power with Forged Irish Stout from Conor McGregor

What is Forged Irish Stout?

Forged Irish Stout is the newest release from UFC Champion and Proper Twelve Whiskey owner Conor McGregor. 


This stout is brewed in the heart of Dublin and is growing in popularity around the world. 


Forged Irish Stout has a unique flavour profile thanks to the blend of malts. It is a combination of pale malt, crystal malt, Munich malt, black malt, roasted barley and wheat to provide beautiful depth and complexity that is unique to this stout.



What is The Black Forge?

The Black Forge is a beautiful Irish Pub in Dublin owned by Conor McGregor. It is situated in his hometown of Crumlin in Dublin.


The pub offers a warm and open atmosphere to its guests as well as a luxurious food menu with something to suit all palates.


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