Keeper’s Heart Whiskey Tasting with Brian Nation

Join us for a Tasting Event like no other

Carry Out Killarney & Charlie Foleys of Killarney are proud to play host to Brian Nation, Master Distiller of Keeper’s Heart on March 30th at 7pm. Prizes, tastings and more on the night

Introducing Brian Nation & Keeper’s Heart Whiskey

Keeper’s Heart was created to celebrate and unlock the moments worth keeping. Made with pride and a keen eye for a time-tested quality, their whiskey is inspired by their family journey. Bringing together their Irish and American heritage and distilling tradition, they create whiskeys that are truly remarkable.

Introducing Brian Nation

Meet Brian, their Master Distiller. He is an absolute legend in the world of Irish Whiskey and they couldn’t be more proud to call him a member of their family. Brian’s experience speaks for itself. For the past 7 years, he was Master Distiller for some of the most renowned and high quality Irish whiskeys in the world including Jameson, Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, the Spot Range and Powers Irish Whiskey.
It’s not just Brian’s taste for whiskey that took him to Keeper’s Heart- Brian was captivated by the opportunity to bring his skills and family to America in order to explore new expressions in whiskey, bringing together two whiskey traditions to create something entirely new.

Keeper’s Heart

Irish + American

ABV: 43%

Combining the smoothness of Irish Grain, richness of Irish Pot Still and spice of American Rye for a unique tasting experience.

Tasting Notes:

Candied ginger, vanilla, lemon zest, sweet biscuits, stewed fruit, accented with a long finish.

Keeper’s Heart

Irish + Bourbon

ABV: 46%

Three unique whiskies blended into one exceptional experience Irish Grain + Irish Pot Still + American Bourbon

Tasting Notes:

Peppery with some herbal notes, sweet with vanilla malt shake, cocoa, tootsie roll, lingering finish of sweet, rich wood.

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